Glamour and elegance

Both of these are factors which women nowadays keep in check and which our team wanted to place as a foundation for our dream. To bring out a casual, city-inspired clothing line or beach attire would be easy but it is not what we covet at MyGoji. For that reason, this was a dream that was in the making for three years. That being said, MyGoji, now a matured and finally accomplished one, is set to make you fall in love with it.

As we are independent women, free-spirited and very attentive to the current world trends, we have clear ideas regarding what we want to wear, that being a direct way to position ourselves in relation to others. This is our motto.

The style we choose becomes our identity. At MyGoji, we follow the trends but focus on pieces that increase a woman's self-confidence, determination, and posture. Clothing should become, progressively, the prolongation of perfume. One's clothes are strong images that remain of who chooses and wears them.

Inn our collection, we are committed to maintaining our long-term ideas on key factors such as style, refinement, and quality. But all of this wouldn't make much sense if the choice of fabric and form of production would not pass certain criteria. If we sum up these details, we can distinguish us from other brands in the market.

We consider ourselves not to be better, but different!.

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